U Got The Look

Posted by on April 17, 2016 in Plays

Synopsis of U Got the Look

It is Rich’s dream to be the perfect actor for every role, but as a new actor in Los Angeles, is he better off changing his name to fit the mold? What about his look? Is he not Latino looking, or is he too Latino looking? He doesn’t even speak Spanish, so is that creating some acting road blocks? He meets Manilla who gives him a special power to be the perfect look to fit roles. All is wonderful for awhile, but it comes with a huge price. He must find a way to return to who he was, or lose all that he had prior to the spell.

Quick Blurb:

Rich Gomez, an inspiring Latino actor, meets a Palm Reader who gives him a potion to be the perfect actor for every role, even roles he doesn’t want


Rich Gomez…………… Light Skin Latino, 20’s
Manilla/can be ensemble.. African-Cuban Palm Reader
Cindy/can be ensemble…. Rich’s agent, 30-38
Juan/can be ensemble….. Latino actor. 25-35
Tiffany/can be ensemble.. Rich’s girlfriend, 20-25
Ensemble to play various characters…. Any ages and races

Ensemble characters:
Man in Charge, Lupe (Latino guy), Ray Bradbury (Latino), Darth, Tech (Latino), Other Tech (Latino), Casting director#1, Casting director #2, Director, Rich’s Mom (Latina), Message voices #1, #2, #3, Assistant Director, Producer, Actor #1, Actor #2, Eager Beaver Actor, Fan(Girl), Director #2, Director #3, Director #4, News Person, Entertainment Tonight Anchor, Josh Winthrow, Policeman, Director A, Director B, Director C, Director D, Director Z, Playwright (girl)

Cast ratio: M 5+, F 5+, any gender 20+

Play History:

The play has had a living room reading in Los Angeles, a table reading at New Dramatists in New York, and a workshop at Cerritos College in Southern California. That’s it for history, but not for my dedication to make this play resonate.