“Silvia Gonzalez S.’s work is a testament to great storytelling. Her plays interweave issues of importance in this country (i.e. identity, immigration, etc.) with slices of an honest worldview, notions of justice and wonderful imagination. She prides herself on exploring the history of culture and its manifestations on today’s society, creating stories that not entertain audiences, but asks them to think about the larger important questions. Her work celebrates the beauty of Latinidad, allowing some audiences to look into the mirror that is there collective pasts while, at the same, inviting other audiences to experience Latina/o culture in a way that fosters connections and communidad. Whether we are watching immigrants in a boxcar trying to survive or a young girl named Alicia discovering herself, Gonzalez takes us on a journey and it is her ability to achieve this that stand as constant reminder that her voice is very much needed in the landscape of American Theatre.” – Jose Casas / University Of Michigan Assistant Professor of Theatre & Drama, Playwriting

“As the Mom of an adolescent, perhaps I’m more aware of this state at the moment that I would usually be, which is probably why I chose Silvia Gonzalez S.’s delightful script Alicia in Wonder Tierra to produce at CSUSB. With charm, humor, and sensitivity, Silvia makes Alicia’s story of “in-betweenness “universal to us all, while simultaneously celebrating the unique Mexican-American heritage of our heroine. The script is also perfect for my Southern California students, many of whom share Alicia’s complicated in-between heritage. Her work is simply magical.” – Johanna Smith / Professor of Puppetry, Improv specialist, and Theatre Educator

“She shows great inventiveness in devising these characters, basing them on familiar figures that are easily as fanciful and flamboyant as those in the Lewis Carroll classic…imaginative and vivacious that intrigues the whole family with its many levels of action and generous humor.” – John Quinn / Variety