T (for Torture)

Posted by on April 25, 2016 in Plays

Drama simple set/2M One act

How does one survive torture? Anyway he can. A man uses comedy, his charming personality, and fond memories to withstand his torture.

A man is held captive in an undisclosed room. He has lost everything: time, family, and all his wealth. All he has left is his dignity, and his name. Unfortunately for him, that is what the torturer is trying to extract. In abstract motions and in the form of ballet, the torturer delivers his assault on the victim. With time, and the victim’s constant discussion of his happier moments of life, the torturer discovers that there is only one thing that will break the victim. The face of a woman with blue eye shadow and ruby red lips.

Staged Reading at Amnesty International charter meeting, and Produced in English and Spanish by Aguijon II Theater company (1992)