Boxcar / El Vagon produced by Repertorio Español New York City

Posted by on May 9, 2007 in Plays

Tragedy 7 M Unit Full length

“Looking for a life in the United States, FIVE Mexicans and a teen from El Salvador wait for someone, even the border patrol, to open their sealed boxcar in the insufferable heat.”

Set in a Texas, Border patrol officer Roberto is just doing his job and deporting undocumented workers along with his partner Bill. Meanwhile, five Mexicans and an Salvadorian teen are riding in a sealed boxcar to ready employers. They feel they are going to get across safely until the engine develops mechanical problems. They are left in the desert and each hour the temperature rises. Manual pleads for all to remain calm and conserve their air until rescue. The others disagree and try everything they can to escape. When border officers reach them, it is too late for all but one man.

Set in Texas, BOXCAR/EL VAGON is based on a true story

Produced and remounted by The Original Theatre Works, Lee Korf Playwriting Award, a participant in the Greater Los Angeles Drama Fest, in the Portland International Theatre Festival as Part of the Miracle Theater Group’s Milagro Staged Reading Series, a staged reading at Body Politic Theater, the Bilingual Foundation on the Arts, a workshop at The Seattle Group Theater, and presented at the Arizona Commission on the Arts conference.

“The passion of the five immigrants transcends language; their longing for their destination is palpable in their physicality.” – Backstage

“…a moving snapshot from the front lines…elegantly designed and fiercely acted…” – Village Voice