Squeezed Avocados

Posted by on May 1, 2016 in Plays

Tragic-comedy 2F, 1M unit Full-length

As soon as Margorie gets engaged, the fiancé dies. She’s worried the same will happen with Tim. After an auto accident, Tim doesn’t die, but is mentally disabled and cannot remember her. However, it appears he remembers a previous girlfriend.

1987. Margorie is convinced she is a jinx. Her first two fiancés died in freak car accidents. She then escapes to Yuma, Arizona and attempts to start her life over. Then she meets her third fiancé, Tim. An aging surfer dude who despite his confirmed bachelor-ness, tosses it all aside to propose to Margorie. Then, on the way back from San Diego, Tim loses control and crashes into a ditch. He is found by a snowbird-retired couple. In the hospital it is determined that Tim has lost vital mental functions. Linda, a physical therapist and a long time friend of Tim’s, volunteers to help him recuperate and regain his memory. However, the only memory he seems to regain is the memory of when she and he were together in the 60s. Margorie is then pushed aside until she finds out the truth. Based on a true story.

Staged reading at Chicago Dramatists Workshop, stage reading at Associated Artists of Central Oregon