Los Matadores

Posted by on May 5, 2016 in Plays

matador3Drama 1M, 1F, a guitar player and flamenco dancer unit set Full length

If a woman could be a bullfighter, then Girl would have succeeded. Instead, she teaches a broken, old miserable wannabe.

A broken, wannabe bullfighter buys a painting from a blind man and from the oils a flamenco dancer and guitar player come out of it to sing and dance for him. The boarding house maid appears to be educated in the art of bullfighting and educates him in the techniques. Later they become lovers. However, it is not until he makes love to a minotaur woman is he able to fight in the ring.

Workshop at Paula Productions in Portland, Oregon 1997, Workshop and Staged reading at Body Politic Theater, various staged readings at Chicago Dramatists Workshop, The Bilingual Foundation on the Arts, and Seattle’s Empty Space Theater.