Pedro the Puppeteer

Scholarship recipient of the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2020. The is about Pedro who loves puppetry and doing puppet shows, but his Latino parents think it is a poor career choice. With mounting pressure from his parents, Pedro wrestles with whether he should continue. Suddenly puppets he has never seen before keep appearing. Then Evilito puppet, an amalgamation of Kermit, Chucky, and Mexican symbolism appears to guide Pedro, but is Evilito guiding him to his doom? Unfortunately the pandemic postponed this show. Hoping to put it on in June 2022 at the Hollywood Fringe.

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The Mussel Slough Chronicles – A California Tragedy

A staged reading occurred on May 7, 2022, 2 years after being postponed on May 9, 2022 the 140th anniversary of the Mussel Slough Tragedy. Unknown story, except for Hanford locals, where a gunfight in 1880 took the lives of eleven. Poor farmers, unfairly called sand-lappers, worked to make California Central Valley an agricultural mecca, what it is today. However, it came at a price. Trickery, thievery, railroad deception and corruption from railroad executives, and Leland Stanford minimizing the impact of these farmers, justice had to be sought. These hard-working farmers developed a league to pool their finances to plead their case in court. However, the Railroad had other plans. Play in progress for the Kings County Historical Society and all Hanford history buffs. Play reading was postponed from May 9, 2020 due to the pandemic.

Commissioned play by the Kings County Historical Society

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Don’t Just Look

Originally was to be presented as a puppet show production with closed caption projected on one of our screens, and sign language interpreters nearby. Made into a film with caption and sign language embedded. Now available on YouTube.

Story follows Huey and Louee. They watch a grandmother fight off a mugger with her karate skills, but the mugger tricks her. She shames Huey and Louee for just watching and not doing anything to help her. Ashamed for being observers instead of helpers, they go on a journey to be better citizens. Film has closed caption and sign language. First viewing in November 2020.

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Boxcar / El Vagon in San Francisco

Again, back in San Francisco, the script off today’s front news page about people hoping for betterment in the United States but stuck in a boxcar by human smugglers. Hope and desperation collide in this play which actually started the career of this playwright. Slated for production in March 2020 by Teatro Latino de San Francisco (AKA San Francisco City Theater Company) POSTPONED TO 2022.

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Waiting Women production at the Hanford Carnegie Museum

Waiting Women production at the Hanford Carnegie Museum

The multicultural play takes you back to the old west where women of all backgrounds present higher in numbers than is traditionally thought. In fact, the last stage coach robbery in Arizona Territory was done by a woman. This unique production zig zags through Pearl Hart’s life of crime and infamous notoriety. Her celebrity status changes when her accomplice, dopey Joe Boot, escapes the prison. Humbled, she realizes her hardships are nothing compared to women of color in that era.


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BOXCAR at the Rogue Festival Fresno

Award winning Boxcar/El Vagon was presented at the 2019 Rouge Fest Fresno, March/April 2019 ‘People hoping for betterment in the United States get trapped in a boxcar by human smugglers. Hope and desperation collide in this play. ‘

A true story based on the 1987 tragedy and the rest of the tragedies that have followed.

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Invitation Accepted

1911 Montage of Celebrities

Andrew Carnegie gave ladies of Hanford funds to make a library, something he loved. It was built in 1905. Though time has changed the building into a museum, the Hanford Carnegie Musuem board does an annual Edwardian Tea as a fundraiser. This time Silvia Gonzalez S. was contracted to write a short play featuring celebrities of the time: Andrew Carnegie, Booker T. Washington, Harriet Tubman, and one of the Wright brothers Wilbur Wright. Included in the mesh were silent screen stars from Hollywood which is only three hours away: Lily Elsie, Billie Burke, Marie Doro, Ethyl Clayton, and Maude Fealy.

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Joaquin Murrieta ‘My quest for justice’

During the chaotic and discriminatory Gold-Rush era, Joaquin Murrieta was considered a bandit in the eye of authorities. Thirty years later, Joaquin recounts the dark times and sets the record straight—the head that was put in a jar by California Ranger Harry Love was not his!

Written by Silvia Gonzalez
Directed by David Acevedo

Presented by Teatro Latino de San Francisco

Players: Ramon Bustos, Dario Loza, Christine Kang, Cat Callejas, Ronan Wong, Albert Downing, Andy Hamner, Ian Jang, Brian Johnson, Stuart Hall,

Musicians: Alan Yip, Clara Hsu, Scott Feichter

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