Pedro the Puppeteer – Gala Event July 16 Free entry

Posted by on June 5, 2022 in News, Plays

Red Carpet Gala event now slated for July 16, 2022. The video version of this play PEDRO THE PUPPETEER! Cinematically presented. Three video cameras convene to present a puppet show with crazy puppets and one puppet you wouldn’t want to mess with, or two. (We had to do it this way because of the pandemic prevented public gatherings.)

Play and film by Silvia Gonzalez S.

This is a story about a puppeteer named Pedro Rodriguez. Pedro loves puppetry and doing puppet shows, but his Latino parents think it is a poor career choice. With mounting pressure from his parents, Pedro wrestles with whether he should continue. Suddenly puppets he has never seen before keep appearing. Then Evilito puppet, an amalgamation of Kermit, Chucky, and Mexican symbolism appears to guide Pedro, but is Evilito guiding him to his doom?

Join us for this gala event and viewing of his film. Get tickets at