Death of a Social Security Benefit

Posted by on May 8, 2016 in Plays

Farce 1F, 2M senior citizen actors one set Full-lengthHow does one keep a social security check coming in? Cover the fact your husband has died. This is what Shirley does until she is faced with her husband’s ex-step son who works for the social security office. Shirley must make it appear that Jack is still alive.Shirley and Jack met through the senior citizen’s personal ads. They’ve been living together for ten years quiet happily, until Shirley decides they should get married. Jack warns Shirley that if he dies before the required nine months after marriage, she won’t be privy to his social security check. Shirley then panics when Jack coughs. After keeping a careful eye on Jack to make sure he lives the required nine months, they get into a fierce argument. Out of spite, Jack dies. To Shirley’s horror it is only one day short of the nine months! She then mummifies the body to make it look like Jack is reading the paper in the kitchen. All is well until Jack’s ex-step son from an earlier marriage comes to visit. It turns out he works for the Social Security office. Now Shirley has to get the ex-step son to agree not to utter a word of the mummified corpse of Jack Katz.

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