The Migrant Farm Worker’s Son

Posted by on October 20, 2013 in Productions

The Migrant Farm Worker’s Son

This play by Silvia Gonzalez S. depicts the familiar situation of the immigrant family living in two worlds.

Papa longs to return to Mexico and attempts to dominate his son, forbidding hip-hop and the English language. His son Henry is a fully-adapted university-bound Latino. Mama tries to quiet the waters disturbed by Papa’s attempts at dominance. Oliviero is a freelance philosopher outside of the family who consoles Henry. The Girl is a sweet character who can only be seen by Papa. Four unseen spirits intermingle with the characters.

The production’s excellent tension is generated by the strength of the actors. Ramon Busto’s Papa is autocratic, romantic, and out of control. He cannot display his vulnerability and instead plays the macho man and risks everything he loves most. Maurice Suarez’s Henry opposes Papa with strength, flexibility and intelligence. He cannot obey his father and be who he wants to be. If he cannot make peace with his father, he loses everything. The rivalry drives Henry out of the house toward Oliviero’s good-humored advice.

Steve Ortiz plays the avuncular Oliviero and Claudio Rio plays Mama. The Girl is played well by Zena Michelsen and the spirits are played by Glen Caspillo, Jason Bustos, Paul Lawrence Delucchi III and Cynthia Nunez. David Acevedo directs.