La Llorona Llora

lloronaDrama 3F,1M one set One act

A historical and sensitive recreation of the original Mexican ‘Medea’ story of La Llorona and the conquistador who loved her.

For many Indian tribes in Mexico, the Spanish were welcomed to temper the sometimes ruthless Aztecs. These friendly tribes and the Spanish lived peacefully for awhile and their off-spring became a mixture of the two. However, one Spaniard, preparing to return home to his sisters and mother, is forbidden by them to bring his Indian wife and Mexican children. Torn, he gets them to accept his children, and decides to leave his wife. The wife, crazed with the idea of never seeing her children again, kills them, and then goes crazy from regret. Even today, there are those who say they hear her crying at night.


Produced in Kalamazoo and Chicago by The Whole Art Theater (1994, 1995)

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Los Matadores

matador3Drama 1M, 1F, a guitar player and flamenco dancer unit set Full length

If a woman could be a bullfighter, then Girl would have succeeded. Instead, she teaches a broken, old miserable wannabe.

A broken, wannabe bullfighter buys a painting from a blind man and from the oils a flamenco dancer and guitar player come out of it to sing and dance for him. The boarding house maid appears to be educated in the art of bullfighting and educates him in the techniques. Later they become lovers. However, it is not until he makes love to a minotaur woman is he able to fight in the ring.

Workshop at Paula Productions in Portland, Oregon 1997, Workshop and Staged reading at Body Politic Theater, various staged readings at Chicago Dramatists Workshop, The Bilingual Foundation on the Arts, and Seattle’s Empty Space Theater.

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Abstract-black comedy 3F, 3M one set one act

A dysfunctional family on Father’s Day subconsciously want to kill each other and do, several times.

It’s Father’s day and everyone gathers to give presents to grandpa and dad. Grandma has an anger-thing going towards grandpa. Grandpa retaliates by shooting her. In that moment of frenzy, all are shocked. Then the action picks up as if nothing happened. This continues with a conflict between dad and mom, and the son and daughter. Then the daughter, has had enough. She puts the gun to head to kill herself. The family tries to talk her out of it, but their heart isn’t really not into it. A play with an anti-gun message.

Produced at Mid Michigan College (1995), and a staged reading a Chicago Dramatists Workshop.

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Raw Deals and Some Satisfaction

Drama 2M, 2F simple set Evening of One acts

The biology and psychology of some people can cause havoc to ‘normalcy.’ Three short plays showing resilience, defeat, and accommodation to life’s ‘curve balls.’

Four one-acts on the ‘will’ to control one’s destiny and to find solace. Each act has an underlining theme of strength against hopelessness, love and unloved, and procreation and barrenness. In the first act, we follow an Italian use psychological force as well as a gun to get a doctor to pull the plug on his comatose wife. In the second, a woman in a bar rationalizes the birth of her child through surrogacy. Third, we sense the entrapment from a mentally ill mother who comes back to belittle her daughter’s achievements. In the fourth act characters from the previous acts come together to be in a form of ‘purgatory.’

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Repeat Hero

Drama 2M, various extras or video one set One act

A man returns a missing child and is praised as a hero. A detective suspects this is a repeated action of a laborer looking for job offers as rewards.

In an El Centro, California town, a hero is claimed for finding a lost boy. He is showered with words of praise and other financial rewards. It’s a windfall and the hero accepts all praise readily. His favorite form of praise is the offering of jobs. A Native-American detective suspects something strange about this event. He remembers a similar occurrence in another town. He then takes the hero to his office and interrogates him about the finding of the boy.

Reading in Seattle with Northwest Playwrights Guild and at Borders Book Store, Beaverton, OR 1996.

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Squeezed Avocados

Tragic-comedy 2F, 1M unit Full-length

As soon as Margorie gets engaged, the fiancé dies. She’s worried the same will happen with Tim. After an auto accident, Tim doesn’t die, but is mentally disabled and cannot remember her. However, it appears he remembers a previous girlfriend.

1987. Margorie is convinced she is a jinx. Her first two fiancés died in freak car accidents. She then escapes to Yuma, Arizona and attempts to start her life over. Then she meets her third fiancé, Tim. An aging surfer dude who despite his confirmed bachelor-ness, tosses it all aside to propose to Margorie. Then, on the way back from San Diego, Tim loses control and crashes into a ditch. He is found by a snowbird-retired couple. In the hospital it is determined that Tim has lost vital mental functions. Linda, a physical therapist and a long time friend of Tim’s, volunteers to help him recuperate and regain his memory. However, the only memory he seems to regain is the memory of when she and he were together in the 60s. Margorie is then pushed aside until she finds out the truth. Based on a true story.

Staged reading at Chicago Dramatists Workshop, stage reading at Associated Artists of Central Oregon

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